Wednesday, July 16

before i forget...

My 19 month old is really beginning to expand her vocabulary...

"I wanna rock" after we've been rocking before naps and bedtime.  As I pick her up to take her to her bed, she now says "I wanna rock" for one more time in the rocking chair.  I can't resist. :)

"I wanna go" when she looks out the door to the car or when Daddy leaves for work and she watches out the window.  Precious. 

"Let it go!" her favorite song from the movie Frozen.  She has this amazing way of rolling her "r's" before she says "go."  every. time.  She loves to talk about "Anna" and "Elsa" as well. :)  She has 2 different friends named Anna (Anna Duggar and Anna Burnette).  She calls them both "Ah-na", the same way its pronounced in the movie. :)  As much as she loves the movie, she would never sit through it.  The you tube videos of the 2 minute songs is as much as she can handle.  Her dancing is too cute! 

She's really gotten to the point now where she will try to imitate any word you ask her to say.  pretty cute. 

This little girl is a firecracker.  adventurous.  never still. strong willed.  sweet.  loves kisses.  and hugs.  especially when you count to 3 and then she runs into your arms.

She also loves to sing. or to be sung to.  Some of her favorites are "the itsy bitsy spider;" "he's got the whole world;" "this little light of mine;" "Jesus loves me."  She loves doing the hand motions to all of them.  And then she ends every song with "Yay!!!!" and a little clap of her hands. 

Her favorite book right now by far is "Apply Dapply" by Beatrix Potter.  She really doesn't like to sit still or have people read to her. But she will rock before naps and bedtime and listen to this book while pointing to the pages and baby babbling.  The rest she'd rather rip up or chew on. :)

She adores her brothers.  She loves to talk about "jakey" these days and always asks to say "night night" to him first, leaning in for her hug and kiss.  She will let Hudson hold her just about anytime.  And Oliver will probably always be her best friend. 

I love how she says "NI-NI" (night night) pretty loudly before bedtime to all of her brothers.  They often fight over who gets to hug her first.  It becomes pretty lengthy because they all come back for one more hug or kiss from her.  And she happily obliges.  Melt my heart. 

She loves her Daddy.  always asking about him.  And the minute he walks in the door, she screams "dada" and her little legs excitedly run to him.  the sweetest thing I ever did see. 

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